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Adele Brydges is a British Designer with a revere for traditional techniques, exceptional materials, quality craftsmanship and a commitment to conscious sourcing.

Motivated by the sensual, authentic nature of tactility and the beauty of juxtaposing elements, Adele creates couture sensual tools and lifestyle pieces with a strong design aesthetic which celebrate form, function and medium. At the core of her ethos is a desire to encourage intimacy, promote authenticity and introduce art and sensuality into our daily lives through the most evocative and intimate of objects.

Adele’s latest collection, MARLENE, is a place where the essence of masculine and feminine coexist in perfect equilibrium to create an empowering collection of gender-fluid sensual tools, lifestyle pieces and functional objet d’art. Sculpted in plaster, cast in porcelain which is known for its beauty and durability, presented in minimalist, handcrafted lamb nappa packaging, her collection carries a strong visual and sensory narrative that resonates with the Bauhaus ideal of a total art; art and life as one.

All pieces are made in her London design studio.

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