Celebrities Love Signature Bordelle

Madonna in Bondage Shelf Bra

For OUT Magazine

Cara Delevingne in Adjustable Bondage Angela Dress

In Bad Blood Music Video (Produced by Tailor Swift)

Lady Gaga in Webbed Thong

For OUT Magazine

Ground breaking design and artistry behind every piece of Bordelle inspire top stylists for many seasons. You can see celebrities wearing Signature pieces in magazines, on music album covers in music videos and even on screen. The range of looks that are created is very wide: from aggressively provoking (Lady Gaga’s) to fashion-forward casual (Fallon Carrington’s).  Despite differences between the looks, their purposes and type of platform used, they all portray same woman… Strong, confident, sexy woman, who rules the world though her sexuality. Each piece is a weapon of destruction that gives power to the one, who wears it. Unique design that takes into account female forms in connection with materials of the highest quality create the irresistible ensemble that highlights uniqueness and thoughtfulness that is put into your image. Best part of Signature collection is its timelessness and universality. As it was mentioned above, the range of looks that can be created is huge and depends on the setting and what lingerie is combined with and weather it is used as underwear, outerwear or accessory.

Draw inspiration from celebrity looks but do not forget about your uniqueness and express it through the boldest looks worth starring at magazine.

Kim Kardashian in Adjustable Classic Waspie

For World’s Most Beautiful Magazine

Gigi Hadid in Bondage Wrap Bra

In Pillowtalk Music Video (Song by Zayn Malik)

Fallon Carrington in Longline Bodice Bra

In Dynasty Season 3 Episode 5