Floral Dreams

Floral print is an unchangeable definition of femininity and taste. It is very classy and very hard to go wrong with. It will give you a feeling of spring freshness and summer warmth and in combination with sexy revealing cut, will make you look gentle and desirable.

Check out our selection of the most fabulous floral embroidery on lingerie this season!

Embroidered greenery will give you a elegant tropical look with a touch of sauciness. A great way to show you free spirit and experiment with new looks.

Nothing says freshness and freedom like wildflowers! They portray the best mix of wilderness and femininity to highlight your sophisticated individuality.

Beautiful and graceful flower is believed to positively influence women’s libido. Golden orchid embroidery will give you a unique mysterious look.

Lily’s aroma is strong and long lasting, but yet flower itself is very delicate and memorizing. Be unforgettable in stunning looks with embroidered lilies.

Timeless and truly royal embroidery that gives a floral pattern without obvious references. Be bold but yet sophisticated by wearing these stunning pieces.