Make 2020 Your Lucky Year
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The are many superstitions regarding clothing and lingerie that one should be wearing when celebrating New Year.

We believe that the only way to make your year lucky is to be in style. Be a fashion icon of 2020 by following latest trends in underwear and its styling. Discover our collection of new and timeless pieces.


Soft mesh, satin and silk are still on trend in a year 2020. In particular, combination of all three creates stunning looks. A combination of femininity and masculinity in soft but structured pieces will compliment your body. Satin harnesses do not only have more variety in upcoming season,  but also designed with embroidery of complimentary colours to make them even more unique and unlike anything made before. Yellow gold details hold together beautiful structures and add a bling and richness to them.


Pastel and earthy colours along with classic red, black and white dominate the new season. The boldest looks combine two and even three colours from both groups, such as black bodysuit layered with dusty pink harness. Also do not be afraid to combine navy and black, even though they are considered unmatchable, this season is all about destroying stereotypes. On the other hand, one colour looks are still in style, however, in 2020 lean towards burgundy, sienna and khaki.


The border between under and outerwear started to wear away quite a few seasons ago and continue to do so. Of course, only true fashionista can pull off lace bra on top of a T-shirt, but there are more subtle looks that would fit everyday look. For example,a satin chocker or a webbed bra laces that are shown off under a white shirt would lift a boring casual look without making it too extravagant.

Other Ways To Style