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Risqué – A tribute to femininity

Lingerie is not just underwear. It is a promise; a tribute to femininity and intimacy, an appeal to the senses. Refined cuts pledge more than just an experience, they inspire the romantic imagination. To allow us to take your individual lifestyle into account, we offer comprehensive and expert advice in our lush and intimate boutique, near Paradeplatz.

Let us convince you with our expertise – we do not just sell clothes. We offer you what we ourselves love: high-quality lingerie that we also wear.

Always new, always different and utterly special and unique. We are in constant contact with our customers, to know what their desires are. Our lingerie meets the highest quality standards and features the most exquisite fabrics available, provided by our international network of brands and suppliers.

Every woman is unique, every woman has special requirements, and as expert consultants, we would be happy to answer any questions you might have at any time, including virtually; you can contact us for advice at any time through all of our communication channels.