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  • Caviar Cage Bra

    Fräulein Kink
    CHF 385.00
    Seduce and fascinate wearing Fräulein Kink Onyx Cage Harness. Hand crafted in our Berlin atelier, this is a true statement piece! Featuring soft matte black leather and Swarovski® jet black crystal rivets. Style this harness over your favorite dress, blouse or on the skin.
  • Caviar Gag

    Fräulein Kink
    CHF 95.00
    Unleash your inner sex goddess wearing Fräulein Kink Caviar Leather Gag. Ultra comfortable and can also be styled as a hair accessory. This gag is sure to leave you & your admirers speechless.
  • Caviar Lasso

    Fräulein Kink
    CHF 69.00
    Restraint never looked so chic! Fräulein Kink bondage lasso's have versatile options for use inside or out of the bedroom. Tie your lover down or style as a belt or harness to add a special high fashion edge to your favorite outfit.
  • Caviar Turban

    Fräulein Kink
    CHF 89.00
    The ultimate Chic Accessory! Perfect for the beach, brunch, or a nigh out on the town! Adjustable and super comfortable.
  • Chérie Double Heart Pasties

    Fräulein Kink
    CHF 114.00
    Fräulein Kink chic Chérie Double Heart Pasties are a perfect way to tease your lover. Featuring Ultra-Glam golden chain tassels & SWAROVSKI®vintage rose crystal rivets. These pasties guarantee that you reign supreme in the bedroom.
  • Chérie Single Pasties

    Fräulein Kink
    CHF 102.00
    Command your lovers attention by wearing Fräulein Kink Onyx Single Pasties! These hand crafted matte black leather pasties with Swarovski® jet black crystals and golden chain tassels will enhance your night of seduction.
  • Cherry Crop

    Fräulein Kink
    CHF 206.00
    The ultimate romantic luxury bedroom accessory. A mix of metallic ruby red & black leathers are used in this handcrafted Cherryspanking crop. Each Fräulein Kink item is unique and guaranteed to command attention in the bedroom.
  • Eiffel Chain Pasties

    Fräulein Kink
    CHF 183.00
    Fräulein Kink Eiffel Chain Pasties are the ultimate in flirty Parisian style! Featuring mini silver Eiffel Towers, the iconic symbol of Paris. Swarovski® crystal rivets and double draped silver plated chain add the finishing touch this chic accessory. Oh La La!
  • Eiffel Harness

    Fräulein Kink
    CHF 332.00
    Fräulein Kink Eiffel Harness is a true statement piece! Featuring a laser embossed Eiffel Tower, the iconic symbol of Parisian Style. This chic harness can be worn over your favorite dress, jumpsuit, blouse or directly on the skin. Oh La La!
  • Eiffel Pasties

    Fräulein Kink
    CHF 148.00
    Fräulein Kink Eiffel Pasties are the ultimate in flirty Parisian style! Featuring mini silver Eiffel Tower & Swarovski® crystal rivets. Oh La La!
  • Eiffel String

    Fräulein Kink
    CHF 447.00
    Seductive and Playful! Fräulein Kink Eiffel String is handcrafted to order from a mix of black & red shiny patent leathers. The center back string has a Laser Engraved Eiffel Tower and adjustable double face satin elastic for easy size adjustments. Oh La La! Adorn with Swarovski® crystal rivets & Silver Plated metal trims. Indulge in luxury bondage!
  • French Kiss Harness

    Fräulein Kink
    CHF 569.00
    Oh la la! Fräulein Kink Kiss Harness is a unique flirty take on the classic French Stripe Shirt. Featuring a mix of black & red shiny patent Italian leathers. Style this over your favorite dress, blouse or on the skin.