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Smooth sculptural lines, elegant weight and smooth alabaster finish make the MARLENE PLUG a satisfying tool.  Use the domed end for massage or insert the tapered end for more intense physical sensations.

Porcelain is known for its beauty and strength. It is also hypoallergenic, incredibly durable and a great conductor of temperature; all this makes it tactile and fun to experiment with.

Adele has developed a casting process that results in the surface pattern on each piece being organic and unique. No two pieces are alike.   She also uses a longer porcelain casting time compared to conventional methods to increase the density of the porcelain body. Once cast, each piece is smoothed and polished by hand to create a smooth satin like finish and fired twice for a total of 20 hours.

Tools can be used with any lubricant or natural oil and each piece is vitrified during the final firing cycle to increase strength and make each piece impermeable and immersible in water.

The MARLENE Plug is presented in a bespoke nude lamb nappa drawstring pouch.

MARLENE – masculine and feminine coexist in perfect equilibrium to create an empowering collection of sensual tools and functional art objects.

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Porcelain Specifications:

Length: 89mm | Insertable Length: 55mm | Circumference: 96mm | Weight: 54g

Each porcelain piece is made to order and handcrafted by Adele in her London studio.  All leather is handcrafted in London using traditional techniques and responsibly sourced leather from the UK.

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