Rock the lazy look like Gigi

What is a struggle of being a top model, who is followed by paparazzi all the time? You can be captured any time of day or night and need to look perfect no matter what. But what if there is no time or will to spend hours creating a perfect look? Here is our compilation of lazy looks worn by Gigi Hadid for your inspiration!

Fashionable ‘grab and go’ that makes you look like a snack!

Who said pajamas are just for sleep? For the last few seasons, the PJ look became an absolute favorite among celebrities! Gigi absolutely slew it by combining a silk white top by Olivia von Halle with a simple swimsuit! Weightless and effortlessly looking fabric shows off body curves and white color will create a perfect contrast to highlight your summer tan. 


Gigi just seems to love PJ looks! This time she went to visit Stuart Weitzman at their HQ in New York wearing another set by Olivia von Halle. And we don’t blame her: firstly, she looks gorgeous in them and, secondly, they are unbelievably comfy! Vertical stripes make you look taller and slimmer, while truly royal textile makes it worthy to wear on Red Carpet. 


An absolute Gigi’s favorite among all her clothes, according to her Instagram page! She was spotted spending her time out at least three times wearing it. And we are not surprised!  This is an ideal tracksuit that combines the coziness of your regular lazy Sunday look and taste level of a high fashion! Must have of any wardrobe no matter what your lifestyle is like!


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