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Risqué Lingerie Boutique

A world of opulence and sophistication that is located in a very heart of Zurich, Switzerland. Place that gathered the best pieces of a lingerie and bedroom accessories fashion world. A treasury for every connoisseur of femininity and the art of pleasure.

Explore the most refined labels, including an exquisite lingerie by Fleur of England, unique handcrafted-only creations of Fräulein Kink, eagerly anticipated collections by Atelier Bordelle that give a tribute to the female silhouette And many more…

A selection of products includes only luxurious and one-of-a-kind pieces that are created with a thought about women, who are going to wear them. Every piece gives you confidence and freedom to self-express and embrace the goddess you truly are.

Intimate interior design will make you feel special and free from boredom of working routine. Shopping that gives you a self care you deserve and truly need.

Our goal is to make any of your dreams come true and help you become whomever you want… Knowledgeable staff is trained to give
you the highest level of service and help you find pieces that are right for you and your personal needs.

Be Risqué with us

NOVEMBER 2019: Dance Show from top performers in Switzerland and Shopping night in our store in Zurich

AUGUST 2019: Collaboration with OHLALA circus, including exclusive deals and merchandise sold at the pop-up location

AUGUST 2019: “Goodbye Summer” black-tie event in the luxurious hotel  in Zurich