Timeless fashion

The sale season is on! And even though all of us are thrilled every time prices drop, clothes that are sold there are from previous seasons. The nightmare of any fashionista is to be seen in something irrelevant and old fashioned. But no worries, we solved the problem for you and discovered a fashion pattern that helped to identify elements of the wardrobe that will be trendy for much longer after sales are over!

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Hues of black, nude and red are true winners in a pallet of all the colours. They suit everyone and can be combined with anything and on any occasion and these qualities make them favourites of the world designers. Always remember about the undertones, however. While black and white colours are universal, grey can be tricky, light great suits better tan skin and dark hair, while darker tones suit blondes with light skin. Red is believed to make turn heads, however you should remember that if the natural undertone of your skin is warm, your red clothes should have cold ones (they have pinkish tone),  while cold undertone of a skin will be better complimented by warm red (orangish tones of it). Nude is the easiest one any tone suits everyone, but remember to have at least some basics that suit your natural skin, specially underwear, this type of clothes will create a perfect canvas for interesting looks without a need of being half naked.

Pattern are changing all the time and hard to spin a head around. However, classic is never out of style and can be bought with no hesitation at all. The best pattern of all is no pattern. Solids are relevant every year and every season, it is a colour that matters and for that see the note above. Stripes are truly forever-print, as well as polka dots, the only thing that changes over time is their sizes, colours and the way they are mixed and matched. To be 100% sure, choose pieces that have only one pattern on them and of a middle-sized pattern (the stripes should be 1-2 cm wide and the dots should have 1-1.5 cm in diameter). Colour of your pattern can be a combination of any colours from the selection above, navy with white or sky blue with light pink would also perfectly serve you for a long time.

Textile is what fully differentiates different seasons: you probably would not wear light chiffon dress during winter and wool sweater during summer. However, there are some universal ones, that would work any time of a year. Third place takes a combined textile of wool and cotton (1:1 is the best one, but the proportion might differ). Any clothes created with this combination will warm you up during cool summer nights and warm evenings near a fireplace throughout a winter. Second place takes silk, no matter if its a nightgown or classic blouse, it will always give you a luxurious look. The way silk touches the skin will highlight all the best parts of your body and make them look exceptional. And the most universal textile is , of course, 100% cotton. Does not matter what time of the year it is, it gives your skin the possibility to breath that make it so easy to wear. Moreover, this is a material that is the easiest in taking care of, so is perfect for trips as well as busy people.

While textile and colours are pretty much understandable, style of clothes is what truly hard to account for. Every season they change even looks of the most basic pieces, like jeans: low-waisted, high-waisted, clean look or distracted one. It is hard to keep up with all the trends, but there are three unchanged level thing that you will never regret having. Perfect day-to-night dress will be your best friend and worth investing in. There are several styles that actually fit this idea: night-gown style midi silk dress, fitted basic dress and soft coat-dress. These pieces can be combined with sneakers and jeans jacket for the cinema night and with high heals- for girls’ night out. Secondly, find yourself a perfect bodysuit to go with any dress or pair of pants in your wardrobe, such as one Bella Hadid wears. Last, but not least, tailored suit is an absolute winner that has to be in your closet. It is go-to look for job interviews or winner party look, when worn with beautiful exposed lingerie.